Customer & Revenue Traction

Cracking the demand generation and sales code is the difference between success and failure.

For most companies, achieving scalable, repeatable and predictable revenue growth with limited resources and constant competitive pressure proves far more challenging.

What we do

Inovez brings to startups and growth companies a plug - n - play traction offering that provides comprehensive on demand services in go-to-market, demand generation, and revenue actualization through direct and indirect worldwide channels with complete oversight and ownership.

A Go-to-Market strategy and an execution plan need to be developed hand in hand. We create an execution blueprint that ties the strategy to the end to end sales process from lead generation to revenue realization & top line revenue growth.

Our Customer & Revenue Traction service consists of three seamlessly integrated components

We work closely with senior sales executives and other key stakeholders like CEOs, CFOs and COOs to provide qualitative and quantitative assessment of the key sales drivers including product, marketplace, customers, sales strategy and sales methodology.

"As - Is" and Gap Analysis is further used to build a seamless and comprehensive Go to Market Strategy and Execution plan aligned with your corporate strategy.

Services Framework

Inovez has a seamless sales execution process to ensure revenue growth and end to end management of the sales process from lead generation to revenue realization.

We also help organizations accelerate revenue by acquiring early adopters in new market segments through referrals and penetration of targeted accounts and by opening new distribution channels.

Services Framework

For a business organization to grow, it has to constantly find new opportunities to expand. However, entry barriers can vary greatly from market to market and region to region globally.

Inovez provides comprehensive New Market Entry Strategy and Execution services for US, India and other key global markets.

Services Framework

We thrive on execution that drives our clients' growth and success.

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