"Most businesses actually get zero distribution channels to work. Poor distribution-not product-is the number one cause of failure." (Peter Thiel)

8 out of 10 new ventures fail within the first 18 months, that's 80% crash and burn.

Few of the surviving 20% companies live to see a meaningful exit or an IPO for the founders. (Bloomberg, LP)

In our work with hundreds of companies, large and small, the key insight we had was that most of the failures could have been prevented with an integrated approach.

There are several reasons companies fail, but ones with the most significant impact are lack of:

Hence, Inovez is formed with a singular focus to empower organizations to eliminate strategic and execution risks to substantially increase their odds of success. We do it by taking an integrated approach across technology, strategy and operations and an urgent approach to execution and revenue generation.

Inovez represents Innovation, Velocity and Vision.

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