VC Platform

Though the Investors might have the desire to help their portfolio companies, lack of bandwidth and lack of in-house talent prevents them from effectively providing key assistance to:

  • Monitor, control and contribute into key success factors for demand generation and sales acceleration
  • Expand the market landscape and accelerate the revenues to create market value for successful exits

Inovez VC Platform

The VC Platform is a direct result of our deep, real-world entrepreneurial and operational experience and a complete understanding of the challenges startups and growth companies face.

Inovez accelerates value creation with end to end ownership of strategic planning, go-to-market, global customer acquisition and revenue.

Inovez delivers the VC Platform through the following services:

We partner closely with our customers to align vision, strategy and execution plans & empower them to eliminate strategic & execution risks through key services. We create comprehensive strategy and an execution blueprint to convert ideas into scalable businesses.

A Go-to-Market strategy and an execution plan need to be developed hand in hand. We create a revenue blueprint that ties the strategy to the end to end sales process from lead generation to revenue realization & top line revenue growth.

Inovez engineering services enable companies to rapidly build the right teams at a reasonable cost with world-class management oversight. We bring to bear a vast pool of highly skilled, attractively priced resources providing breakthrough results.

We don't just deliver advice and strategy, we provide execution capability and deliver results.

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